As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for bigger, better and more effective ways to scale your business.

Most entrepreneurs do this by searching for something NEW, a fresh, never-before-tried strategy that will propel them to their next level of success.

This can work… but often it doesn’t.

The simplest way to scale your business is NOT by doing something new, but by becoming a student of your RESULTS so you can double down on what’s already working.

What effective strategy will YOU double down on?


Episode Transcript

The simplest way to scale your business is not to do something new but to become a student of your results and actually double down on what is already working.

So recently I sat down with a prospective client. This is an entrepreneur who is doing just under half a million in revenue in her business, and it’s a relatively new business. So this has been a great accomplishment. And her goal is to scale those revenues to between the 1 and 3 million dollar mark, 1 million dollar mark this year and 3 million dollar mark within the next 12 months after that.

So she’s got ambitious growth plans, and we sat down and we mapped out a strategy to help her do just that. And here’s the deal, that strategy really involved doing one thing. It wasn’t a new thing, it was doing what she was already doing, but doing it better.

Now, this is what I find so interesting. I’m in the process right now of putting together the content that I’m going to be teaching to The Incubator clients. So these are high-end women entrepreneurs that I work with over anywhere from 12 to 36 months. So these are women entrepreneurs who are doing multiple six figures to low seven figures in their businesses and they’re really looking at scaling revenues but reducing overwhelm and complexity. And so, for many entrepreneurs (and maybe you can relate to this) we are creative souls. We love to create new things. And that creative impetus can sometimes result in a ton of complexity in our businesses.

This really starts to show up at about the 250,000 mark I find for many of my clients. That’s where there’s really no hustle left. They’re hustling as hard as they can and for them to grow beyond that, it’s about simplification, not about hustle. And very often, that simplification isn’t about coming up with a new strategy. It’s about being a student of your results to take a look at: ‘hey, when I look at the past few years in my business, what have been the core activities or the core offerings that have generated the most revenue and the fewest headaches? And then how can I take those things and really double down on making sure that that thing that I offer is optimized, that the systems are in place, so that I can continue to offer more of it, or I can do it in an easier more simplified way.’

This is so often the key for entrepreneurs, and it’s often as women entrepreneurs something that it’s hard for us to see the complexity inside our own businesses. And it’s also very often hard for us to reduce that complexity. Why? Because all of our different offerings, we see them like our babies. So I have this product, or I have this service offering, or I have this program that I run. I put my blood sweat and tears into it. It’s like my baby, and the idea of getting rid of it feels like we’re missing out. It feels unfair. We feel deeply conflicted about it.

That’s why so many of my clients really take advantage and appreciate having me sit down with them as a strategic thought partner to kind of go through and gently prune. That’s my expression, gently prune the things that are not working for them or not generating the profits that they’d like to have them generate.

So if that’s you, if you’re at that level and you’re really looking to scale your profits and scale your revenues and make more money but reduce the complexity, I highly encourage you to take a look at your history. To be a student of your results. Take a look at what worked for you in the past, and how can you improve that. How can you make it better. How can you streamline that. Typically, the roots of the seeds of our future success have been planted with our previous successes. And that’s generally the first place that I start when I’m working with clients. It’s the simplest way to map out a growth strategy.

All right, I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you found it valuable. If you did, please feel free to share it with someone whom you think could benefit.


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