This is one of the BIG transitions you MUST make if you want to take your business or career to the next level…

…You need to take the leap from being EFFICIENT to being EFFECTIVE.

Being organized and efficient are essential traits to have when you’re starting a career. You ARE expected to be competent, to adapt, and to deliver.

But if you’re want to step up your game as a business leader or professional, you also need to take your skills to the next level to match the challenges that your new leadership role presents.

On this episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership, I discuss:

  • The bottom-up approach to time management.
  • The biggest challenges leaders face as they step into the next level of leadership.
  • Why leaders must NOT be tied to their to-do lists.
  • How to prioritize what is IMPORTANT vs. what is URGENT.
  • And MUCH more.

Listen here:

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