One of the most common questions women leaders ask me is this:

“How to do I enhance my leadership and executive presence?”

The answer to this question is complex, but there’s one simple shift you can make that is totally in your power to do…

In this episode of Power Play, I explain why your ENERGY is critical to advancing your leadership and executive presence AND the pitfalls to look out for.


Episode Transcript:

One of the questions that I get asked from women leaders is: ‘how do I enhance my leadership presence and my executive presence?’

Now that’s a complex question. There’s some different moving parts and those are absolutely things that I talk about a lot with my clients and in my programs. But I wanted to give you one secret that can make a big difference. One way to instantly enhance your executive presence and your leadership presence is to be aware of the energy that you bring with you when you enter a room. When you have a conversation.

You are 100 percent responsible for the energy that you are bringing at all times. So if you’re tired, if you don’t have the right nutrition, that’s going to impact your energy. If your thoughts are not where they need to be, that’s going to impact your energy.

You are 100 percent responsible for the energy that you bring to a room, to a boardroom table, to a conversation. And really practicing awareness around the energy that you’re bringing and making sure that the energy you do show up with is totally in line with the leader that you know you can be. That is the first step to enhancing your executive presence and that executive presence can do a ton of heavy lifting for you when it comes to advancing your career.


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