Some years ago, I made a life-changing decision: I would only purchase store-bought wine that cost more than $23 per bottle.

Because cheap wine tastes worse and can give you a headache after two glasses.

In other words, I decided to raise my standards.

Around that time, I made another life-changing decision. Just like I upleveled my wine, I was going to uplevel how and with whom I spent my time.

This decision was far more momentous than the wine.

Overnight, the caliber of my conversations changed because I was surrounded with brilliant women who were out in the world making bold moves, taking risks, dreaming big, accomplishing lots and challenging each other.

Next month I’ll be hosting a 3-day women’s leadership retreat where I’ll bring together a group of insanely talented women.

This is NOT your typical “women’s conference” and these are not your ordinary women. These are women who have:

  • Built multi-million dollar businesses
  • Led billion dollar businesses
  • Served as C-level executives inside major corporations
  • Graduated from prestigious graduate programs
  • White-knuckled their way up through scrappy, competitive industries…

We’re coming together for a 3-day deep dive where we’ll unlock your highest power, presence and potential AND craft a powerful message and vision for you to share with the world.

I have a few spots left. If you’re SERIOUS about coming and you have a question, feel free to drop me a line — just reply to this note.

Stay fierce,


P.S. Remember: Expensive wine and high caliber women are THE KEYS TO EVERYTHING. You can get both here.


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