Hello Fierce One,

I returned last night from 8 days on the road — New York, Boca Raton, Orlando. Had a GREAT time and…I’m delighted to be at home, reunited with my family.

Despite not getting home until 1am, I was up at 5am this morning, wiping down the kitchen counters with my favourite cleaner, doing laundry, organizing the pantry. After being on the road, I tend to return home with a powerful nesting instinct. It’s a big way in which I decompress.

Have we connected on Instagram yet? If not, let’s do so! I’m having lots of fun with the platform — it’s challenging me to think visually and I ADORE making and watching insta stories.

As much as I feel the pull to deliver a lesson or insight in this newsletter, I think I’ll leave it here, Fierce One….a brief personal update and a heartfelt THANK YOU for reading my Saturday morning missive.

Stay fierce,



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