Hello fierce one,

I’m willing to bet you’ve heard this advice before: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure there is a song on my yoga playlist with that name. There’s likely a kombucha brand that’s called “Lean into discomfort” — or at least, there should be.

The point is, the invitation to “get comfortable being uncomfortable” is part of the jargon of the personal development world. And I see a lot of people who can get behind this idea intellectually, but struggle to deeply own it.

I potentially see this more than most because my specialty as a coach is nudging women out beyond the comfort zone and into the growth zone…which is rife with a range of squirrely emotions ranging from discomfort to (at their most dramatic) agony and gnashing of teeth.

The most challenging part of being in the growth zone is when you’ve temporarily lost access to the reason why you’re so uncomfortable (hint: because you’re learning and growing!)

In these moments, you might find yourself mired in any one of the following (useless and unconstructive) thoughts:

This is uncomfortable…therefore I must be doing something wrong.

This is uncomfortable...therefore I’ve made a big mistake.

This is uncomfortable…therefore it’s all my fault.

This is uncomfortable…therefore it’s all someone else’s fault.

What makes matters even more fun and enjoyable in such moments is that, very often, the more we try to “fix” the discomfort, the more deeply stuck we become. Having coached a lot of women through the growth zone, and given the amount of time I’ve spent in that beautiful, painful place myself, here’s what I know to be true about the discomfort of growth: resistance never fixes it. Only surrender can.

You know another growth experience that is uncomfortable as as hay-ull?


No, I’m not going to tell you my birth story (no matter how riveting I personally found it to be). But what I will share is this: the only was I could tolerate the discomfort was to surrender to it.

Sometimes, surrendering to the discomfort of growth, in order to get the things you truly want, is a gift far greater than the thing you wanted in the first place.

Navigating growth, and having the courage to step into the rocky path that is growth, are just two of the big themes we’ll study, dissect and discuss inside The Leadership Lab.

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Stay fierce,


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