The world needs women in positions of power to achieve sustainability, prosperity and peace. This collection of studies, interviews, reflections and profiles should be seen as a call to action for all women to bring their voices to the table and enjoy their place in the spotlight.

Everybody Calm Down

Hello Fierce One, I’m writing to you from my hotel room in New York, where I’ve been working for the last few days. I’m here for some meetings, and to lead a retreat for a small group of high level women entrepreneurs. A huge part of the work we...

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5 Words to Help You Set Better Boundaries

Hi Fierce One, Setting stronger boundaries is central to strong leadership and your ability to reign as sovereign queen of your own life. Think about it: having a border -- and lovingly protecting that border -- is what makes a nation a...

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How Women Leaders Boss Up

Hi Fierce One, My focus this month has been highlighting success strategies of powerhouse women in business. I released a white paper on the topic, created a podcast series exploring 5 lessons powerhouse women leaders had to unlearn, and hosted...

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You Are Your Best Investment

I love money. I do. I love generating money, I love saving money, I love giving money, I love investing money, and I REALLY love splurging on small, luxurious gifts and experiences for myself and the people I care about. I take my financial...

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But do YOU approve of yourself?

Last week, someone I respect and admire publicly disagreed with me about something I wrote. My inner gladiator high fived myself when I saw her comments because I know that if I can’t be publicly disagreed with from time to time, then I’m likely...

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The Dumbing Down of Women Supporting Women

“THIS is why I hired you! I was so tired of having other coaches “yes” me.” My client, R., said this to me seconds after I delivered some blunt feedback during a coaching session. I had been kind, loving…and utterly direct. R. is a successful...

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