In the world of Tech and IT, Margaret Dawson is a BIG deal.

A 20-year veteran in the tech industry, Margaret was recently named the 2018 Women in IT USA winner as well as the Business Role Model of the Year for the United States. She currently works as the Vice President of Portfolio Product Marketing at Red Hat.

If you want to become a stronger leader, build a powerful executive presence, create better boundaries, cultivate an authentic personal brand, AND fulfill your ambitions in a way that reflects your values and lifestyle — then you MUST listen in.

On today’s episode of Fierce Feminine Leadership, Margaret and I discuss:

  • Her definition of “power” and its impact on career success
  • The crucial role that curiosity plays in producing amazing products and companies
  • What “socializing ideas” means and its impact on product creation and the health of the organization
  • Key shifts she made in the course of her career
  • How to be a more compassionate leader
  • Where true confidence comes from
  • How to squash your limiting beliefs
  • How her Amazon experience changed the trajectory of her business perspective
  • How the pivots in her career allowed her to take in a much broader view of leadership, management, and life itself

Listen here:

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