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Setting stronger boundaries is central to strong leadership and your ability to reign as sovereign queen of your own life.

Think about it: having a border — and lovingly protecting that border — is what makes a nation a sovereign, independent nation.

I travel a ton, and as such, I always pass through border control. The officers are generally kind and firm (to me, anyway).

Kindness and firmness: the two greatest qualities of a boss boundary setter.

Chances are you need to set some boundaries in your own life right now.

Maybe you need to delineate what you will and will not accept in your personal life or professional life. Perhaps you need to be clearer about what you will and will not tolerate from family members, clients, team members etc.

In other words — to reach your next level of success, you may need to become your own border control officer from time to time.

When that time comes, I have 5 words which — when used in this exact order — allow you to firmly and elegantly set boundaries, enforce them, and activate your power as sovereign queen of your own life and person.

Here they are:

That doesn’t work for me.

A simple, straightforward phrase you can use anytime to firmly and respectfully set a boundary.

That doesn’t work for me.

My friend, the award-winning psychologist Dr. Isaura Gonzalez first shared this line with me several years ago and I have used it to life-changing effect ever since.

On a recent whirlwind speaking tour: 4 talks in 2 days — I shared this tool during my talk and so many of the women in attendance expressed their gratitude for it, so I’m sharing it here with you as well. I hope it’s useful. Happy boundary setting!

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