Hello Fierce One,

I’m writing to you from my hotel room in New York, where I’ve been working for the last few days. I’m here for some meetings, and to lead a retreat for a small group of high level women entrepreneurs.

A huge part of the work we do at Fierce Feminine Leadership is all about knowledge transfer…identifying and codifying the traits that distinguish the most successful women leaders.

Let’s take the top 2% of women entrepreneurs. For every 100 businesses women start, just two will crack the million dollar mark.

Want to know one distinguishing feature of these 7-figure CEOs?

They stay calm.

Cultivating the discipline to CALM THE HECK DOWN when life throws out the inevitable curveballs is a fundamental success strategy.

In fact, when I consider the coaching I do with my clients who fit in the “emerging leader” category — women entrepreneurs who are not yet running a 7-figure business, or not yet in the C-suite — but on their way there, a large portion of the work we do is focused on staying calm.

Makes sense, right? When you’re panicked, your ability to focus and execute is severely compromised.

This week I wish for you and upon you the gift of remaining calm. Breathe deeply. Check in with your intuition. Think logically. Be rational. No matter what happens, remind yourself that you’ve been through challenges before, and you’re still here, breathing, making a difference, showing up.

You’ve got this.

Stay fierce,



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