“THIS is why I hired you! I was so tired of having other coaches “yes” me.”

My client, R., said this to me seconds after I delivered some blunt feedback during a coaching session. I had been kind, loving…and utterly direct.

R. is a successful self-employed consultant in a competitive market. She has a small team behind her and BIG plans ahead. She reached out to me – as so many of my clients do – after hearing me speak live.

At the time, she’d been through the gamut of working with coaches and mentors who were supportive and intuitive…but held back from offering the blunt feedback and strategic insight she needs to bust through a revenue plateau and unlock the next level of success.

I know that when I’m coaching a smart successful woman, part of my job is to offer emotional support and cheerleading.

I underscore the words “part of my job.”

The other, larger part of my job is to offer: practical advice, strategic insight, a ride or die community, a thoughtful sounding board, blunt feedback, tactical resources, and incitement to rise to bold, new challenges.

When I look at the women’s leadership development industry, I see a disproportionate focus on soft, feel-good approaches (trust your gut!) and a corresponding lack of focus on the practical, tactical support that truly drives ROI. This is the dumbing down of women’s leadership. We deserve…and NEED…a higher standard.

Women are hit with saccharine exhortations to “Embrace the Divine Feminine!” on the one hand and then overly simplistic calls to “Launch your online course!” on the other.

And while I’m all about embracing the divine feminine and online courses, I know that true business success requires the spiritual, the tactical AND deep, strategic insight.

I’ll frequently read and hear that in order to drive real change for women, we need to engage men. This is true. I’d also submit that in order to drive real change in our businesses and careers, we need to fully engage not only our divine intuitive feminine, but also our strategic masculine. We have both forces inside us, and any advisor or mentor who tells you that you need just one is doing half the job.

Stay fierce,


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