I just returned from a working holiday in San Diego.

The second half of my trip was spent taking in the incredible sights and culture of one of my favourite cities.

I have two young sons so naturally we went to Legoland. Here’s the thing about me and crowds: I don’t love them. So I had to really mentally prepare myself. Cue the mantra I repeated to myself while waiting in line for the roller coaster: Everything is awesome! Everything is awesome when you’re surrounded by loads of people and waiting in line!

The first half of my trip I spent with my mentor and mastermind group. And IT ROCKED.

As I’ll share in the video posted above, overtime I reunite with my mastermind, I’m reminded of the power of community.

I always leave these group events feeling reinvigorated, re-inspired and re-energized. Because I’m consciously playing a bigger game in an effort to better support you, I necessarily find myself uncomfortable. A lot. That’s because I’m putting myself on the line, taking on new challenges and stepping up. Basically, I’m doing all the things I invite my gorgeous clients to do in their own lives.

(We all have to live it to give it.)

Many of these actions I take on my own. But I couldn’t consistently take them without the support of a nurturing community.

The truth is — true transformation can only happen in the context of relationship and community.

As an extroverted loner, it’s hard for me to admit this, but it’s the truth. If you want to truly up level your game, you need to:

  • find an intentional community who will support and encourage you.
  • discover a mentor who models the process of getting uncomfortable, going for stretch goals and taking massive action
  • identify supportive networks who will bear witness to your transformation without being threatened by the changes you’re going through.

Yours in success,


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