The Preeminence Strategy with Eleanor Beaton

Can ONE strategy really double your profits and reduce your overwhelm in 2019?

Hello Fierce One,  

If you want to simplify your business, stand out from the competition, and easily command higher prices, then this may be the most important letter you read this year.  

The reason why is that you’re likely seeing it’s getting harder to distinguish yourself.  

You know social media could give you access to millions of buyers, but online marketing – not to mention figuring out what you even want to say – is intimidating and overwhelming.  

And you don’t want to risk your hard-earned reputation by putting yourself out there to the masses without a plan.  

So one of two things happen.  

You hide from it all, and watch as people who are louder but less experienced take your clients… Or you copy what you see other people doing, but it feels fake, uncomfortable and PS. it doesn’t work for you. If this is you, you’ll be relieved to know that  

There’s another way.

It’s called Preeminence.

Preeminence is a focused, simplified strategy to position your business in a category of ONE.  

When you are in a category of ONE you…  

  • Are top of mind in your industry, which means your prospects are sold on you before you even speak to them.  
  • Summon highly paid speaking opportunities in front of influential audiences. No more schlepping it in economy ON YOUR OWN DIME to speak to people who could never afford to hire you anyway.
  • Magnetize high end clients who are willing to pay you double your normal rates…and then refer you to their affluent colleagues.  
  • Reduce overwhelm and simplify your business by working with fewer clients who pay you much more.  

"I decided to attend Eleanor’s Preeminence Strategy Workshop because I was going through a transition with my business and wanted help on my messaging.  

I had worked with Eleanor in the past and was following her closely through her podcast and email newsletters. I admired her because she’s a strong woman leader, a Canadian, and a step up from other women coaches in her field.  

I had a great experience on the Premience Strategy Workshop livestream. Eleanor made time to come and speak to the livestream participants directly, answer our questions and generally make sure we felt included in the event. She was open, energetic and real, and her presence inspired me to know that I can achieve my goals.  

I left the event with more confidence and the understanding that I wasn’t alone. It was validating to learn that many of the women in the room also struggled to tap into their messages.  

Since attending the workshop, I have taken a step forward in my business. Eleanor helped me begin to solidify my messaging by helping me craft my bold opinion. As women entrepreneurs, what holds us back is often that we’re afraid of expressing those bold opinions and experiencing the judgments that can occur as a result. But if we hold back on the things we are passionate about, we’ll struggle to have an impact. This was clear to me after the Preeminence Strategy Workshop.  

I was so motivated after attending the livestream that I decided to work with Eleanor face-to-face at the upcoming Million Dollar Message retreat! " 

Kim Dechaine Certified Integrative Health Coach, Heal With Kim 

"When I read about Eleanor’s Preeminence Strategy Workshop, it was an immediate “YES” from me. Not only was it offering exactly what I needed, but it was the perfect timing and level of investment for where I am in my business.  

I gewanted to get more strategic on my marketing and message. My initial training as a social worker taught me to be a generalist -- I could meet ­whatever came through the door, and while this helped me build a high level of expertise it’s not the most effective marketing strategy.  

The event itself was fantastic. The meeting space as well as the atmosphere that Eleanor cultivated, combined to create an environment that was both highly professional while also relaxed and intimate, and this in turn facilitated deep focus and great conversation. It also allowed for opportunities to connect with the other incredible women in the room. A very happy and unexpected outcome of this workshop is a mastermind group that I formed with several like-minded women so that we can continue to support each other in taking our next steps on this path of business development.  

In terms of the learning, Eleanor held the space beautifully and delivered on the content. One of the things I admire about Eleanor is her level of integrity and her readiness to meet you where you are. She also has a great way of putting a lot of valuable information into a fairly short time span and her ability to transmit knowledge and wisdom is exceptional.  

Eleanor also made time to chat one on one with attendees to make a personal connection and to see how the experience was going so far. I came away from the experience with a much better understanding of where I am in my business and where I need to go. I also learned how to better market my service-based business, identify and educate my ideal client, and clearly articulate the benefits of my work.  

I am now ready to take things to the next level at Eleanor’s Million Dollar Message retreat in May and I feel inspired to reach beyond what I even thought was possible in my work and business. " 

Angela Croft Registered Therapist and Certified Life Coach, The Social Work Consulting Group 

How do I know pre-eminence works? 

Because I’m living proof. I’m privileged to run a highly profitable business with sold out events and programs where I get to work with multiple-six and seven-figure women entrepreneurs, many of whom work with me year after year.  

I host one of the top-ranked podcasts in the country for women leaders.  

I’m paid well to do keynote talks to major audiences throughout North America.  

And I accomplish this from my home office in a small town on the East Coast you’ve probably never heard of. 

Preeminence. It’s powerful, simple and it works. 

And in case you’re wondering, it can work for anyone. Right now, I’m coaching a number of women entrepreneurs to simplify their businesses and increase revenues with pre-eminence.  

Take my client Jordin. She increased revenues by $200K and reduced her workload by 20% by implementing this strategy in her health business last year. 

So let’s talk about how you and I can work together face to face to simplify your business, stand out from the competition, and easily command higher prices. 

Come and join me on April 17 in Halifax, 9 am - 1 pm for...



With Eleanor Beaton