Tracey Bissett: Accelerated implementation to reach stretch goals

Tracey Bissett

President and Chief Financial Fitness Trainer at Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

I decided to join The Incubator program because I was looking to accelerate the implementation of my business and I’ve been able to achieve some really tangible results in my first year. I’ve hit over six figures in revenue and I will be launching my first podcast in December, Young Money with Tracey Bissett – The Advice Show for Millionaires In The Making. And the experience has been really phenomenal. It’s a wonderful community of women.

It’s allowed me to accelerate the implementation of everything I was doing and do so with really cool tips, tools and tactics that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so quickly. The program allowed me to think bigger about my strategy and my business, gave me hands-on tips and tools to do it in a community with other like-minded women to really grow my business and feel like I was part of a wonderful, cohesive group.