Sophie Lamar: Opportunities to stretch creatively

Sophia Lamar

Senior Programmer, Alpha Dog Games

I joined The Leadership Lab because I had reached a place in my career where I was comfortable, and felt I was at risk of stagnating. I hoped I had more to offer but didn’t know how to identify and reach my potential.

The program offered more than I had expected. Eleanor’s coaching helped me identify and overcome obstacles both in my personal and professional life, and her recommendations for books and videos were always spot-on!  The workshops provided tools, strategy and tactics for effective leadership but also support and advice about career-management from a female perspective, with many real-world examples. The other participants are fantastic additions to my network, and have provided advice and support throughout the program.

Now, I am more relaxed, confident and productive in my working day, and I know better how to speak up and be heard. Since the program began, I have been given the chance to work on the creative side of game design, which is something I have long wished for. I feel certain that the lessons learned will propel me to new adventures that I had not previously even considered.  It’s been an inspiring and exhilarating experience.