Rosmarie Lohnes: Laying the groundwork for 7-figure sales

Rosmarie Lohnes

CEO of Helping Nature Heal Inc.

My name is Rosmarie Lohnes, I’m an ecological restorationalist and I’m the CEO of Helping Nature Heal. I came to The Incubator and have re-signed my second year because I have been a very good technician in my business and I need to elevate myself and my visibility to become the true CEO that is in my heart.

My goal is to maintain a high level of scientific knowledge and diversity within my business. One of the things I’ve learned here is about creating the space and the infrastructure to hire people that are efficient, professional and like minded within my team. Building that infrastructure is probably the biggest part of my learning here. Infrastructure is really important when you’re trying to go from six figures to seven. I’m really excited to be able to see the future more clearly and move my business forward to a place that will help me choose sustainability and also a lot of freedom.