Meryl Cook: Launched 2 books, a business, art exhibit and speaking tour

Meryl Cook

Author, Artist & Speaker at Meryl Cook Contemporary Rug Hooking

My name is Meryl Cook. I’m an author, an artist and a contemporary rug hooker. I launched my business just over a year ago after successfully reinventing myself after a life-altering illness. Now I developed a reinvention framework which I teach through workshops, my books and my speaking. I joined The Incubator program last year and I joined for a couple of reasons. The first was that I really wanted to raise my profile and I wanted to work with a group of women who had a big vision – that’s what really attracted me to the program.

The experience of The Incubator program has been invigorating, encouraging and very supportive. Since starting with The Incubator program, I had just launched my first book and since then I’ve sold over 800 copies, written a second book, and I’ve launched my new line of patterns. I had my first solo exhibit and I have done two national speaking tours. It’s been a great year! The most valuable part of the program has been really working with Eleanor. I felt that she helped me to focus on one wildly ambitious goal per quarter so instead of running madly off in all directions she really kept me focused and I felt supported and encouraged.