Kim Chernecki: Doubling business and continuing to scale

Kim Chernecki

CEO & Founder of Freedom Street Inc

My name is Kim Chernecki, I’m the CEO and founder of Freedom Street. I’m Canada’s leading expert on helping consultants and small business owners to land profitable corporate contracts. I decided to join with Eleanor because I wanted to take my business to the next level. I wanted to scale and go to the next level and ultimately to achieve a seven to eight figure business. She has totally helped me with the plan and I’m on my way to make that happen.

It has been great, but it has been busy. It has been a fantastic and wonderful journey. Eleanor is brilliant, the way I introduce myself and my company – that’s because of Eleanor and her help with my million-dollar message. It’s been fantastic and in terms of results, in terms of my private business, I’ve more than doubled my income and I’m totally positioned for scaling to a whole different level now.

My million-dollar message has become a great tangible asset from working with Eleanor. She basically helped me with the pivot from helping executives in transition to helping small business owners and consultants to land corporate contracts which is what my real highest value is. She also helped me with the development of my program that’s going to allow me to scale. I was able to deliver my first group coaching program this year! I had 17 people that signed up which is fantastic for us for a first program so that was really impactful. Eleanor really helped with that.

The most valuable part of the program for me has been both the online course the one on ones with Eleanor. She’s just got a brilliant mind and just brings a lot of clarity and confidence. It’s also been the interaction with some absolutely fantastic talented women and just having that inner circle support.