Katherine Cheung: A new framework for her powerful message

Katherine Cheung

Financial Services Industry

My name is Katherine Cheung and I work in the financial services industry within risk management. I joined Eleanor Beaton’s program to get coaching and guidance to help me navigate the world and to help me strategically position myself for long-term success, while tactfully managing the day to day challenges in my work space.

Two key, tangible deliverables I got out of the program include: the framework and approach that I learned from Eleanor in terms of delivering a powerful message. Now I can reuse it many times when I need to deliver a powerful message. The other key tangible asset I got out of the program is the very strong and trusted network of women and friendship that I have cultivated over the course of the program. The experience I have had through the program has been fantastic. Not only do I learn some very specific tactics on implementation and approaches, but also learn and value a lot from the network. It is something that is so invaluable that I know it’s going to last a lifetime.