Joanne Trotta: From consultant to CEO with power and support

Joanne Trotta

Founder and Managing Partner of Leaders Edge Inc.

My name is Joanne Trotta. I am the Founder and Managing Partner of Leaders Edge Incorporated. We work with medium to large corporate clients globally to help them build the leadership strength and culture of accountability within their organization.

The reason that I joined The Incubator is because I really want to grow my business to seven figures and I was struggling with how do I shift my mindset to go from consultant to CEO in order to really bring it to life.

This overall experience working with Eleanor and all the amazing women I have met in our inner circle has been a life changing experience. Not only have I received amazing coaching from Eleanor, but I’ve been able to establish all these meaningful relationships with women across the country. The tangible things that I have gained are first and foremost I now have a plan! I have a plan that will help me hit that seven-figure number that I’m trying to achieve. The second thing that I’m really taking away is having that empowerment and focus to make it happen. The most valuable part of the program for me has been working with Eleanor one on one, but also the fact that I now have a broader inner circle of women that will help one another not only scale inside their businesses but be there to support one another on this journey together.