Jacqueline Hawkins: From lawyer to leader and a force in the boardroom

Jacquie Hawkins

Senior Legal Council at Teranet Inc

My name is Jacquie Hawkins, I’m Senior Legal Counsel for a technology company in Toronto. The reason I came to this retreat was I wanted to become a more powerful speaker to be able to better influence my company and to be more effective at decision-making tables.

The takeaways that I have from this retreat are: a great framework to be able to do presentations in the future, whether at a big speaking event, at a boardroom presentation or a one on one presentation. Another thing I have is a better understanding of how important visibility is to being a great leader. Being a lawyer is one thing, being a great leader is something very different and that’s something that’s been very important to me. The final thing that I took away from this retreat is connections to a great and vast array of ambitious strong women – a great network that when I need support they’re there. Whether it’s for branding, whether it’s for marketing, whether it’s for consulting, or someone to remind me to think big.