Jackie Porter: From lone wolf to team mentor

Jackie Porter

Partner at Carte Wealth Management

My name is Jackie Porter and I’m a Certified Financial Planner with Carte Wealth Management. I teach women to become financially resilient. One of the reasons I joined The Incubator program was because I really was at capacity in my business and I really needed help with building an infrastructure and building a team. I’ve worked for a very long time as a lone wolf and did really well, but got to the point where my business was sort of calling back to me saying you need help.

I came to Your Million Dollar Message Retreat last year and I was really taken with some of the things that Eleanor said around building infrastructure and building a team. Eleanor helped me in identifying characteristics I would want from someone working on my team and allowed me to find someone for my team in three months. Now I have an opportunity to increase my bottom line without having to work harder necessarily, so I’m really grateful for the introduction to Eleanor at that time.