Hilda Gan: Faster growth for serial entrepreneur

Hilda Gan

Chief People Officer and President of People Bright Consulting

My name is Hilda Gan and I am the President and Chief People Offer at People Bright Consulting. I was at an event of Eleanor’s and trying to decide whether or not I would work for a new company or start my own business. It became very clear one day one that I had what I needed to start my own business. It made natural sense that when we spoke about an Incubator program, it was going to make perfect sense for me. I am a serial entrepreneur, I have had four business now – this being the fourth. I realized that in order for me to grow my business quickly, that this Incubator program would help me. The session that we would have, the fact that we would have this instant mastermind group of women who are learning the same things and building their businesses to the same level.

That was what I felt was important and would help a trajectory of my business grow quicker and faster. This experience has been amazing, enjoyable, comforting and I would highly recommend it. I learned so much from this opportunity because it fulfilled what I thought it would be. It helped me understand social media better than I could have, it helped me grow my business quickly and with confidence and comfort of having a camaraderie of women who were on the same journey.

What I got tangibly from the group was first off, a website that I’m very proud of. We spent one of my coaching sessions zeroing in on my web site and writing key messages that I felt resonated with me as an individual and resonated with the messaging that I wanted to have. I’m so very proud of that web site and it’s thanks to one of my Incubator members and Eleanor.

I think the most valuable part of this program has been Eleanor. She has this mind that really gets it and when you talk to her she has that total picture. She has a way with words, she has a creativity out of the box thinking and I have found that valuable. Equally valuable has been the women that are part of this group. They are amazing women all wanting to build their business to the next level all wanting to do good. The camaraderie, the connectedness and the support has been amazing. It’s has been a great experience and I have enjoyed the journey.