Brittany Pickrem: Found vital strategic direction and accountability

Brittany Pickrem

Owner of Brittany Pickrem Branding & Design

My name is Brittany Pickrem and I am the owner of Brittany Pickrem Brand Expert and Design. I joined The Incubator with Eleanor to ultimately get unstuck and get clear on my strategic direction – where I was moving with my business. It honestly has been life-changing for me to join The Incubator. I think I would have given up on being an entrepreneur at this point if I didn’t have the support of The Incubator.

I have learned to become intentional and to also transition into an owner mindset. Setting goals and the power of setting goals and then achieving those goals has been huge for me in this program. The most valuable part of the program for me has really been the accountability, and also the alignment with these super powerhouse women.