Anu Bidani: Building a 7-figure business with a bold voice

Anu Bidani

Founder & CEO of STEM MINDS Corp.

I went to the Million Dollar Message retreat because, as a new CEO of my own venture, I was looking for guidance and coaching to push my execution mindset into a CEO mindset. I am ambitious and want to run a 7-figure business with a bold voice but wasn’t sure how to achieve my laser focus goal! At the Million Dollar retreat at Hockley Valley when I met Eleanor and a room full of energizing leaders who all wanted to change the world in their own ways, it was powerful and I new this was the right program for me.

I truly enjoyed the experience at the Million Dollar Message Retreat. I got clarity on my message and the framework I could use. I expanded my network of powerful leaders whom I could learn from but also contribute back. It was an energizing experience!

I crafted my first cut of my million-dollar message and got feedback which was invaluable. I came back with so many amazing ideas that I could not stop thinking about them and putting them into an action plan. I made networking connections and will be going on my first podcast with Margeurite O’Neil which is a big step for me to move from execution to CEO mindset.

I am very self-aware of changes I need to implement, from being unapologetic, to being bold and moving forward to achieve my goals in a targeted manner that will set up my business for success.