Agnes Zau: Creating an eco-system in which to succeed

Agnes Zau

Associate in the Multi-Asset Portfolio and Investment Consulting Group

I invested in coaching to discover strategies that will help me succeed in a competitive, financial environment. I wanted to be more aware of my strengths and my weaknesses, especially how to build upon those strengths and improve my weaknesses.
Most importantly, I wanted to improve my communication skills so that I may expand my sphere of influence, creating a healthier ecosystem for myself to succeed.

Eleanor is able to grasp the main points of the circumstances very quickly. Eleanor is kind, brutally honest, and caring. Most importantly, she is objective as she utilizes her encyclopedia years of career coaching experiences to suggest strategies that work best for me. The main takeaways that I have achieved from working with Eleanor are that questions are one of your most powerful tools; only you can make yourself feel inferior; and how to set boundaries in a strategic manner in the workplace. I feel more confident and at ease in the workplace as a result of these outcomes.