You and I... we won't just talk a big game. Together, we'll get results. Here's some social proof from my gorgeous and talented dream clients.

Eleanor Beaton is one to watch in the women’s leadership space!

Ali Brown, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Angel Investor,

Eleanor approaches her work with great style, committment and integrity.

Arlene Dickinson, CEO & Owner of Venture Communications, Star of the CBC-TV hit show Dragon's Den on Eleanor's Signature Stories

When it comes to helping women make the link between who they are, where they come from and how they can use their story to help guide them to where they want to be, Eleanor is an absolute powerhouse. She is strategic, creative, and scary smart. I would trust her with any project.

Barb Stegemann, Author & CEO, The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc.

"I approached Eleanor at a time when I felt stuck and uninspired in my professional life, but energized and fulfilled by the women’s mental health advocacy work I had begun doing in my personal life.  I had found my passion but didn’t know how to make the most of it.  Eleanor took me on a life-changing journey of self-discovery.  Guided by her insightful coaching approach, I’ve uncovered my strengths, learned to identify the limiting beliefs that threaten to hold me back, become crystal clear on my purpose and goals, and established a strategic plan for creating a meaningful career.

Julie Trites Maternal Mental Health Advocate & PR Professional on Eleanor's Women's Leadership Coaching

Eleanor has helped me to demystify myself and set me on a path fueled with conviction that I have never felt before. She has helped me to decipher and filter the stories, rules and perceptions that were in my way and get to the real me (who is fabulous!). Her intuition and ability to read people paired with her calm, caring way of calling you out and getting to the truth, truly are gifts. She has made a significant impact on my career and my life.

Dawn Umlah, Investment Manager, Innovacorp

Eleanor’s coaching gave me the clarity and courage I needed to step out of my comfort zone and claim control of the life and business I always dreamed of.

If you choose to invest in yourself and work with Eleanor you can expect to be pushed further, defy your limits and set bigger and bolder dreams than you thought were possible.

Erika Bowley, Teacher & Educational Mentor on Eleanor's Women's Leadership Coaching

Eleanor Beaton has been a breath of fresh air in helping me boost my confidence and lay out exciting new goals. She asks the right questions so that I have to really think and look deep into my soul for the answers. Working with her has been an amazing and enlightening experience."

Lisa Mitton, Halifax on Eleanor's Women's Leadership Coaching

When I signed up for professional development training at work, I had no idea that I had actually enlisted in a ten-week transformational journey with Eleanor Beaton. As a woman working to be a leader in my community and workplace, I was first enthralled by Eleanor’s presence as a facilitator. It wasn’t long before Eleanor’s style of question-based learning had me delving deeper into my relationship with my peers and with myself – most notably, into what it really means to be my most effective and authentic self. When faced with a challenge or looking for a little inspiration, I still refer to my notes from the workshop, as well as to Eleanor’s blog and e-newsletter. Thanks Eleanor!

Valerie Francella, Planning Intern at San Francisco Recreation & Parks, UC Berkeley Environmental Planning Graduate Student

I recently had a powerful one on one coaching session with Eleanor.  I gained clarity though our conversation on what my next move is within my life and business.  Through speaking with Eleanor I realized that much of my energy was being spent focusing on things that weren`t actually moving me forward in my life and business.  I`ve since started making strategic moves in improving my life and business and doing what is best for myself and my daughter.  I look forward to the future and am excited to see where my business will take me!

Emily Fisher, Life Coach

Inspiration has become something of a clichéd buzzword. Motivational Pinterest posts are just a click away, but they're now so commonplace that they've become empty and impersonal. Eleanor Beaton's approach to inspiration and empowerment is truly unique. As a guest on the GoFullSteam business podcast, her thoughtful articulation of the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership positions was nothing short of dazzling. For women seeking to advance their career or business goals, Eleanor brings an extraordinary approach that balances intellect, motivation, and empathy, and I would view her advice on important decisions for myself and my business as truly invaluable.

Emily Richardson, CMA, CEO & Founder of GoFullSteam

It was my great pleasure to work with Eleanor...we can’t say enough about this wonderful partner.

Janet Kestin + Nancy Vonk, co-creators of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign, co-founders of Swim on Eleanor's Signature Stories

Working with Eleanor has been transformational. In the process of job coaching, she has helped me to explore who I am, what drives me and motivates me. In this process I have found clarity and direction in my career path. I have worked through a series of concrete steps that have brought me to a point of readiness and of belief in myself. When I began I had a narrow view of what was available to me. My vision has expanded and I see so many more possibilities. Together we have created a tangible plan tailored to me. I have a vision, a personal mission statement and a plan. I feel ready to move forward in my career.

Sarah Hergett, Mental Health Promotions Coordinator, Annapolis Valley Health on Eleanor's Women's leadership coaching

So what’s next for me now? This was a major dilemma I was facing as I moved towards what we call 'retirement.' I was both apprehensive and excited about this life change event. Eleanor has supported me to begin the creation of an amazing vision for my future by challenging me to 'dig in' to my fears and uncover my passions and new opportunities. I am both energized and grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn with Eleanor...she is an extremely talented and engaging coach.

Nancy McBay, Wolfville on Eleanor's Women's Leadership Coaching

"Eleanor's no nonsense coaching style has helped me understand my strengths, communicate my accomplishments and get clear on my goals.  My work with her has helped me to package my skill set in order to position myself for success.  Eleanor helped me lay out a tangible, clear plan that acts as a compass as I move forward in my career."


Carrie MacDonald, Director, Client Service and Innovation, Thinkwell on Eleanor's Women's Leadership Coaching

After working with Eleanor I had a clearer understanding of how to better connect-the-dots of what my business is all about for my clients. She helped me to tweak and finesse, and to more effectively get the word out to the people who matter.

Kate MacLeod, Halifax Headshots Photography

"Eleanor combines creativity, compelling writing and smart business strategy to help women entrepreneurs tell a powerful, inspiring and compelling story about who they are, why they are unique, and how they can help."

Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass, Co- Founders of Breathing Space Yoga Studio on Eleanor's Signature Stories

I feel empowered and uplifted by Eleanor's positive attitude and energy. Our work together has helped me find my place  as a true leader in my growing company. In the past I have felt as though I was out of place and was watching my staff and crew not really knowing how to guide them or the work we are doing. My work with Eleanor has helped me to see the broad picture of our situation and how I can make the most of my assets to guide the team well into the future. Defining my role, the trajectory of my goals and dreams is a process I had never spent time on in a real way until I started working with Eleanor. I look forward to my sessions with Eleanor, I do the homework in a timely fashion and prepare well. This in itself is such a great accomplishment. I am very grateful for the guidance and mentorship.

Rosmarie Lohnes, Speaker, Landscape Designer and CEO of Helping Nature Heal

Eleanor has opened my eyes to my true Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals, and has helped to give me direction and focus. I found this really important as I am just beginning my career and now that I have the tools that Eleanor provided in her workshop, I feel prepared and excited for what is to come in my personal and professional life.

Allison Healey on Eleanor's Women's Leadership Coaching

Eleanor is a fantastic coach.  She provided a safe, relaxing and fun learning environment and I have benefited enormously from her wisdom.  I am more focused than I have been in years and this life changing experience is one I highly recommend.

Linda Bobbitt, Senior Administrations Professional

Eleanor's communications training and coaching have changed the way our people relate to each other and have given each employee the tools and inspiration to grow as an individual. FOr our company, this has boosted morale and productivity.

Annette Glenn, Training and Project Co-ordinator, Hercules SLR Inc., Hercules SLR Inc.

Eleanor is a consummate storyteller.

Dawn Chafe, Editor, Atlantic Business Magazine, Atlantic Business Magazine

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