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Why I LOVE difficulty

Why I LOVE difficulty

In an age rife with empowered gurus sharing the benefits of ease, abundance and the law of attraction, it’s tempting to look upon challenge, difficulty, or plain tough periods as a sign you are approaching life, ambition and the pursuit of goals All. Wrong.

In my experience, the Disciples of the School of Ease and Abundance frequently come from one of two camps.

Camp A: They aspire to a life they may not have yet, and are hoping beyond hope for an easy path.

Camp B: They have worked very hard to create their success and, bless them, have forgotten the tough lot of work it took to get them there in the first place.

Either way, time and again I bear witness to smart, ambitious women grossly underestimating the importance -- and inevitability -- of hard work.

Hard work isn’t the only thing that matters. But it’s really freaking important.

People share mantras such as “work smarter not harder.” But in reality -- based on the real life experiences of hundreds of women who have achieved worldly and personal success -- the mantra is more like this: Work smart AND hard.

You need to do both.

I used to struggle mightily against the reality that my biggest goals and dreams take much longer, and are much harder, to achieve than I originally thought or prepared for.

And that’s more than OK.


A little factor I’ll call C to the A.

More commonly known as “competitive advantage.”

Another no-no these days: suggesting that competition is something real, that exists.

“No, no,” say the Disciples of Abundance. “There’s room for everyone.”

This is true, but believe you me: there’s SO MUCH MORE ROOM at the top.

And because the road to the top is built with not only smart work, but also HARD WORK, there’s still plenty of room up there.

I take my breaks -- I’m about to enjoy a solo mini-vacation in Charleston, South Carolina as I write this -- but I am also prepared to do the hard work necessary to make my dreams real.

Are you???

If the answer is YES, then I say: GREAT. I’ll see you at the top.

If the answer is NO, then I say: the fear of hard work is worse than the work itself.

Yes, work smart. But also work hard. The rewards are exhilarating.

Posted Jun 19 2017 @ 11:48am

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