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Leslie Karen Hammond

Leslie Karen Hammond

Fierce:  showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

What I do for work:  I'm an entrepreneur, founder of the Confident Speaker Series, speaker and author.  My mission is to help entrepreneurial women overcome their fear of public speaking so they can build self-esteem and confidence while growing their business through speaking.

My background as a Medicine Woman allows me to bring a strong spiritual component into everything I do. Essentially I use public speaking as a tool for healing and bringing acceptance with fulfillment into one's life.  When people are comfortable speaking up they bring their best self to the world.

3 word my friends would use to describe me:  Grounded, Confident & Creative

My vision of a perfect Saturday:  My eyes open in the morning filled with love and appreciation for all I have in my life.  Meditation, journaling, exercise, green smoothie, experiencing nature (anywhere around the globe) with my honey, soak in a hot tub, dinner with friends and family, sitting around a fire diving deep into ah-ha moments.  If I can squeak a little skydiving or a few roller coaster rides in there YEAH!

My top 3 personal or professional WINS from the last month:  1) Significant progress on my third book  2) Helped my 27 year old son with a difficult decision  3)Updated my business plan

My 2-sentence definition of success:  Freedom to live a life that feeds my body, mind and soul every day.  I'm surrounded by friends, family, colleagues and clients I respect and love.

The most courageous thing I did in the last year:  I walked away from the safety of a 27 year career (I was the main income source in the family) and invested significantly in my personal development before I was clear on a business plan.

The advice I would give to my younger self:  Get to know the elder women in your family, they are extraordinary beyond measure!

A book that changed my life:  The Celestine Prophecy

Where to find me online:

What change are you working to create in your life, community or through your work?  To improve the quality of the human condition in women to bring balance to the business world and into women's lives.  When we value what we bring to the table (I mean ALL of it, the whole package) from a heart of service instead of ego, we make space to feel valued, appreciated, and worthy.  When women can confidently convey their value through their body language, their actions and their words it is like dropping a stone into a pond.  It's our obligation to set the example for the next generation and inspire young women to greatness.

Posted Aug 11 2015 @ 8:24pm

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