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Jac McNeil

Jac McNeil

Fierce:  showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

What I do for work:  I'm a Thought Partner & Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and the owner of Boss of Me Tees, an online clothing store focused on empowering women

Three words my friends use to describe me:  Loyal, Loving, Brave

My vision of a perfect Saturday:  Sleeping in! Followed by coffee and reading in bed and then, hanging poolside with my family.

My top 3 personal or professional WINS from the last month:  Launching a 2nd online business while carrying a full load of coaching clients and ensuring I have ample time to hang out with my two girls this summer. It's been an amazing time. Both exhilarating and empowering!

My 2-sentence definition of success:  For me, there's no better definition of success than Maya Angelou's: "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." If I'm not feeling all of those things I work to address it as fast as I can.

The most courageous thing I did in the last year:  I ended a relationship with a family member who has a significant personality disorder. It was heart-wrenching and the most courageous thing I've ever had to do.

The advice I would give to my younger self: I wouldn't give myself any advice. I think what we need most in life is encouragement. So I'd say: "Oh honey, you've got this. Keep going. I totally believe in you."

A book that changed my life:  I fall in love with any book that has a strong female character (Claire in Outlander, Morgaine in Mists of Avalon)...

 Where to find me online:  You can find me at for coaching & retreats.    And, for Boss of Me Tees you can find me on Facebook: and Instagram:   (website launches soon!)

What change are you working to create in your life, community or through your work:  My work has always been about encouraging and empowering women. This continues in my coaching work with women entrepreneurs and in my new line of t-shirts. I believe strong, confident women will change the world.

My two-sentence definition of leadership: I believe that leadership starts with the self. Learning how your behaviour impacts others, aligning with your core values, taking responsibility for your life and leading with integrity, always.

The best career advice I ever received:  If it doesn't feel right, it isn't right. (Definitely the best advice for any situation!).

The two most important strategies I have used to build my career:  1. Trusting my instincts.  2. Asking for help.

My most powerful self-care tool:  I love Muay Thai (kickboxing) because it's so empowering! But, most of my self-care has to do with *under* scheduling myself and getting ample time alone to process, reflect and sort through my feelings.

The three people dead or alive, I'd most like to have join me for lunch:  The only person I'd truly love to sit down and have lunch with is my late Grandmother, Margaret, she was the most beautiful soul I've ever known and she always, always, encouraged me.

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Posted Sep 11 2015 @ 8:25pm

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