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Is your business an expensive hobby?

Is your business an expensive hobby?

According to the Harvard Business Review, the majority of women who quit their jobs to start new businesses fail to replace their corporate salaries.

I get it.

I’m not a “natural entrepreneur.” I have worked very hard to acquire my business skills.

Today I speak all over the world, coach and mentor powerhouse women in business, and run a location-independent business. I make great money, I’m there when my family needs me most, and I feel proud of what I built.

It wasn’t always this way.

I launched my business because I yearned for freedom from the corporate “grind”, control over my schedule and unlimited earning power. And most importantly, I wanted to make a difference.

And because I was smart and was good at what I did, I figured the money would flow into my business the minute I opened the doors.


In the early days, I struggled to get clients and earn consistent income. It put a lot of pressure on my family and affected my confidence as a leader.

I can remember lying in bed some nights thinking, “I’m smart, I did well in school and got amazing results in my job…am I simply not meant to be an entrepreneur?”

Does any of this ring a bell?

Each week, I speak to smart, talented women who are frustrated because their businesses “should be further along by now.”

They love what they do, but they feel overwhelmed by their businesses, financially stressed and uncertain as to how they’ll “make a go of it.”

Again, I get it.

I stayed stuck in “under earning land” for a while until I remembered that as a former journalist, my training was in the art of asking powerful questions.

So rather than asking myself whether I was “meant” to be an entrepreneur, I began asking myself, “What skills am I missing that are holding me back from truly earning what I’m worth?”

When I finally got the answer, I was frustrated and petrified all at the same time.

Frustrated because it was so simple.

Petrified because not only did I not have a clue about how to do it, but I had major mental blocks around the very activity.

Many years have passed since those tenuous early days. I’ve had the opportunity to take on as clients some of the most powerful women in this country. And I’ve been personally mentored by powerhouse women whose books I used to buy and pour over.

And what I have discovered is this: the biggest differentiator between the 2% of women who are earning 7-figures plus in revenues per year and the 98% who do not comes down to the two most important skills any woman entrepreneur can have.

Sales and marketing.

Under-earning women entrepreneurs pay WAY too much attention to the technical side of the business (the coaching, the writing, the course design, insert your expertise here) and FAR too little time on sales and marketing.

In fact, the most successful women in business — the ones that routinely gross more than $1 million per year in revenues — spend the majority of their time focused on sales and marketing…

…which explains why each week I speak to so many women who are getting underpaid to do BRILLIANT work that no one has ever heard of.

The truth is, the very words “sales and marketing” TRIGGER many new women entrepreneurs, creating fears and concerns over being pushy, salesy, or (gasp) making others not like you.

Now it’s true that many women entrepreneurs don’t know HOW to sell.

But not knowing “how” to sell isn’t the biggest problem of the entrepreneur.

The biggest problem is that too few women entrepreneurs WANT to sell. 

That’s because women experience so much biased social conditioning about what it means to be a “nice girl”…and this social conditioning has tremendous implications on our earning power as entrepreneurs.

And this, sweet woman, is why entrepreneurship is the most profound personal development journey you could ever take.

Because the woman you must become in order to claim your worth, put yourself out there, offer your services and be handsomely rewarded for them is a powerful AND profitable journey.

If you’re ready to experience what it feels like to make REAL money in your business, then I’m about to invite you to what I consider to be the most valuable business training you’ll receive this year (and it’s FREE).

Join me and my very special guest, the internationally recognized guerrilla marketing expert Wendy Stevens, for an AMAZING training for women entrepreneurs (and those of you who dream of starting your own businesses):

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Wendy works with some of the world’s best known brands helping them to create explosive sales growth.

In this free training you’ll discover:

  • Why the majority of women entrepreneurs will never replace their corporate salaries -- and the two things you need to focus on RIGHT NOW to change that.
  • 3 critical success factors most women overlook when it comes to achieving explosive business growth & reaching the top.
  • Guerrilla marketing tactics that can help you go from best kept secret to industry leader.
  • The ONLY 3 ways to grow your business, and how to choose where you need to focus right now in order to increase your sales in 90 days.

The webinar happens this Thursday, September 29th at 8pm Eastern.

Be there!


PS. This will be one of the most fabulous, fun and informative free trainings we have ever offered. Get your seat now.


Posted Sep 24 2016 @ 10:11pm

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