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I Picked The Pain I Wanted

I Picked The Pain I Wanted

I’m writing this blog in the early morning, sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of tea, a bowl of Shreddies and my two German shepherds asleep at my feet. It was not easy to rip myself out of bed to write this, but I’m teaching a half-day virtual retreat on how to launch, grow and monetize a podcast today, and then I have 3 coaching sessions with some incredible clients. I decided the pain of getting up early was better than the pain of not keeping my commitment to send you a weekly letter.

In other words: I picked the pain I wanted.

I had a long conversation the other day with a client who told me she was having a hard time making herself do some important activities that she needed to do in order to grow her business and position herself as a leader in her industry.


She was afraid of having people potentially think her ideas were ignorant and incomplete. She was afraid of looking stupid. And she was concerned she’d look needy or desperate for “putting herself out there.”

And so rather than do the difficult tasks required to reach the next level in her business, she chose to do...other things. Busy work. Tasks that made her feel efficient, but didn’t actually lead her anywhere. Long coffee dates. Extended periods of scrolling Facebook and worrying.

The thing is, despite the elaborate effort she was putting into NOT doing the excruciating business building tasks she knew she needed to do, she WAS STILL IN PAIN.

And that’s the insight, Fierce One.

When it comes to “hitting the next level” or going after the big, bold things you really want...

You get to choose your pain.

Will you go for the pain of not having enough clients or the pain of asking for the sale?

Will you choose the pain of being stalled in your career, or the pain of taking on that extra, high profile stretch assignment which will give you exposure to the influencers in your company?

Will you choose the pain of going to bed early or the pain of missing your morning workout

All too often, it’s not the scale of our dreams that un-does us. It’s the pain we choose.

So pick your pain and pick it well. What you choose will make all the difference.

Stay Fierce,

Posted Apr 25 2017 @ 12:07pm

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