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Are You Making the Most out of THIS?

Are You Making the Most out of THIS?

‏‏By Eleanor Beaton

When Liana walks into a room, everybody pays attention. We wait, admire and anticipate what she will say and do.

‏And when she opens her mouth and actually starts speaking?

‏She has us eating out of her hand.

‏Her voice is confident and full. It comes not from her mouth or throat, but straight from her heart.

‏Presentation is an important piece to get right when it comes to feminine success and leadership.

‏Like many women, you might spend inordinate amounts of time and money stressing over your makeup and wardrobe.

‏But you may be overlooking one of the fundamental aspects of your overall presentation: your voice.

‏If you want to show up, make an impression and have your insight and ideas recognized and appreciated, you’ve got to embrace your voice.

‏Here are five tips to help you do that:

1. Stand up straight.

‏A great voice originates deep within your core. Stand straight with your shoulders back and allow that gorgeous sound to flow.

2. Slow down.

‏Speak slowly and with purpose. If you’ve chosen to speak, honour that choice and give what you have to say the space and pace it needs in order to fully register in the ears of your listeners.

3. Allow yourself to be seen.

‏I work with so many ambitious, smart women who — at crucial moments — develop a momentary panic of standing in the spotlight. Because they don’t want to be truly seen, they swallow up their words in an effort to stand out a little less.

‏If you’ve chosen to speak and be seen, do it 100%. Let us adore you.

4. Speak from your stomach.

‏Focusing on speaking from the stomach — rather than the mouth or nose — will give your voice a fuller, more resonant tone. This is especially important if you have a tendency to use a little girl voice — especially when nervous.

5. Lose the modifiers.

‏“I think”, “kind of”, “sort of”, “maybe” are all weak words that detract from your point and make you seem uncertain. What’s more, using these words tends to put us into a questioning frame of mind. Eliminate them from your vocabulary. Not kind of. Completely.

‏Remember — there is no one else on earth like you and the world needs to hear what you have to say. So say it well sister, say it well.


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Posted Mar 13 2015 @ 4:53pm

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