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Allyson England

Allyson England

What I do for work:  I am the VP Operations at Boondoc Technologies Inc., a company that creates online platforms for Healthcare Professionals. We have networks dedicated to Canadian PhysiciansNorth American Pharmacists and Canadian Medical Students. I am also the Co-Founder of 100 Entrepreneurs Planting Seed$, a micro-funding event in support of NS youth entrepreneurship.

Three words my friends use to describe me: Bold, confident and fun.

My vision of a perfect Saturday: hiking the beautiful trails or coastline of Atlantic Canada with my boyfriend and dog.

My two sentence definition of leadership: Bold leaders don’t need titles to lead; they lead by example and inspire others to achieve their greatness.

My top 3 personal or professional WINS from the last month: Organized our company shareholder AGM, got accepted into a Master’s program at Saint Mary’s and survived a 5-minute long live interview on Global TV morning news.

Best career advice I’ve ever received: the universe favours the brave. 

My 2 sentence definition of success: Success is feeling fulfilled in all aspects of your life: work, family, friendship, and your mental and physical well-being.

The most courageous thing I did last year: I loved working at Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette but I was drawn to the start-up world. Leaving a job that I excelled at, with colleagues I knew and trusted was a difficult decision but I knew I had to indulge my curiosity to learn new skills in a different industry. This past year has been exciting and extremely challenging; Eleanor sure is correct when she says “growth is awesome, but it hurts.” This has been a major year of ‘up-leveling’ and I am so grateful for the experience.

The advice I would give my younger self: Don’t be in such a rush to get to that next best thing or milestone. While the destination may be exciting, most times the journey is the adventure.

The three books on my nightstand are:The Fire Starter Sessions”- Danielle Laporte, “Big Magic”- Elizabeth Gilbert, “Daring Greatly”- Brene Brown

Where to find me online: LinkedIn,  Twitter: @allyson_england Website: coming soon….

What change are you working to create in your life, community or through your work: I want to inspire young professionals to take action, follow their dreams, and be proud of what we, as Atlantic Canadians, have accomplished.

The two most important strategies I have used to build my career: spending time to build and cultivate my network, embracing change as an opportunity for growth, and not being afraid to take risks and ask for what I want (oops that’s three).

The most powerful self-care tool: Lounging on the couch watching Netflix.

The three people dead or alive, I’d most like to have join me for lunch: Oprah, Richard Branson and my grandmother.

Posted Jul 5 2016 @ 6:20am

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