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Never Start with An Apology

Beginning with an apology is, in body language terms, very similar to walking into a room carrying a giant placard that says, DON’T LISTEN TO ME, I’M INSECURE. I’m not saying you should never apologize. (I’m Canadian, to encourage a ban on apologies would be treason). I’m simply saying: never start an interaction with an apology.

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Behind the Scenes of Six-Figure Podcast

I launched the Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast out of LOVE. Love for interviewing. Love for storytelling. Love for journalism. And love for my tribe; I knew that podcasting would prove to be an incredibly valuable and intimate way to connect women like YOU with stories, tools, resources and interviews to help you be the very best you. What I didn’t anticipate was just how lucrative podcasting would become, nor how it would profoundly alter the trajectory of my business and life in such a powerful, positive way.

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Why I LOVE difficulty

In an age rife with empowered gurus sharing the benefits of ease, abundance and the law of attraction, it’s tempting to look upon challenge, difficulty, or plain tough periods as a sign you are approaching life, ambition and the pursuit of goals All. Wrong.

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How to position your “asks” for maximum impact

Do you ever feel that your voice isn’t heard around the boardroom table? Perhaps your best ideas aren’t given the serious consideration they deserve? Maybe you’re losing out on sales or opportunities because you can’t make people see how critical it is to address a pressing problem.

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Watch your mouth, woman.

This week I heard a woman describe her work as “crap” 3 times in 20 minutes. I heard another woman describe her networking persona as “bumbling idiot.” Yet another apologized twice in five minutes for...nothing. Do you ever do this? If so, then I invite you to consider watching your mouth. smile

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I Picked The Pain I Wanted

You get to choose your pain. Will you go for the pain of not having enough clients or the pain of asking for the sale? Will you choose the pain of being stalled in your career, or the pain of taking on that extra, high profile stretch assignment which will give you exposure to the influencers in your company? All too often, it’s not the scale of our dreams that un-does us. It’s the pain we choose. So pick your pain and pick it well. What you choose will make all the difference.

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3 Breakout Career Moves

Do you feel stuck in your career? Perhaps you feel like you’re not advancing as quickly as you’d like; that you could do more – advance more – in your professional life, but are unsure of what you need to do to get there. So, how do you find ways to get out of your professional rut? What can you do to ramp up your career; to take the steps to achieve the next level of success? Today, I want to share with you three powerful ways you can overcome your professional rut, advance your career, and pave the way to the next success path.

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The Tyranny of Women Helping Women

The other day I received a phone call from a woman whom I met briefly three years ago at an event where I was speaking. She wanted to have 30 minutes of my time to ask for some advice about how to proceed with a particular business deal. Just 30 minutes of my time, she said, to get my insight and learn about how I built my business.

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If you want to “take your business online” read this first

Have you ever thought about taking your work online?If you want in on these tips and tricks, first check out the program I offer, and then please schedule a complimentary, 1:1 call with our enrollment coaches -- we want to learn more about you to first ensure you are a good fit for this program. If you ARE a fit, it would be my honour to work with you to explode your business this year.

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What To Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Support Your Ideas

Our partners play a very important role in our lives. We value their support more than anyone else in the world. It’s natural to feel this way and I have observed that many women in business expect their partners to give them 100% support with everything they do. This is where things usually go wrong. One of our podcast subscribers reached out to me recently with this very dilemma. She wanted to know why the people whom we love hate what we do and most importantly, what to do when you find yourself in this situation.

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Own the Room Live - Confidence, Influence, Presence & Power

If you are ready to step into your power and make a big impact this year, then I’m inviting you to join me and a powerhouse lineup of guests at this not-to-be-missed live, face to face event in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Join us for Own the Room: Confidence, Influence, Presence & Power on Feb 28th 2017, 8:30am - 4:30pm. Register today and take advantage of our "early bird" pricing.

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5 Leadership Lessons from Michelle Obama

It’s inauguration week in the United States – the week when the new President of the United States is sworn into the Oval Office. As the soon-to-be former President and First Lady prepare to leave the White House, I think back on the many accomplishments this powerhouse couple have achieved over their 8-year tenure – particularly, Michelle Obama. Despite whether you agree with her politics, or the politics of President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama’s career is filled with valuable leadership lessons for women in business. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the important lessons I have learned from simply observing how she has lead initiatives – from her work in combating childhood obesity and supporting veterans to her powerful speeches during the 2011 election. By simply observing her career, we can learn many valuable lessons that can help us be more effective in any negotiation, in any boardroom, or in any speech we give throughout 2017.

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